Reverse Superman  Montipora
Reverse Superman  Montipora
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Reverse Superman Montipora

Oceans N Reefs LLC
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You will receive a about a 1” Frag . Super easy to care for. These are AQUACULTURED NOT WILD COLLECTED. Because most corals do contract drastically while in the dark or stressed during shipping, do not be alarmed when you receive the coral and they are tiny or withdrawn. The coral will need time (usually 2-3 days) to expand as it becomes acclimated. My corals are grown under Kessil, AI Hydra/Prime HD, and Power compacts.

You will receive a tracking number once your order has shipped. Please be present and available to take delivery of your live coral. All live arrival guarantees must be filed within two hours of the delivery time and date shown on tracking. Shipments take place Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday.

I will watch weather conditions closely, and may delay shipping if extreme weather is forecasted in the delivery route. I DO INCLUDE HEAT or COLD PACKS AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE !!!! Tracking numbers are always included, so please pay attention to package arrival times because these are live corals and will die if left out in the extreme heat or cold. If you need your shipment delayed, please message me through etsy before or during your purchase and I will gladly hold on to the coral for your convenience.

I try to send them at the end of the day so that the package has shortest time in transit. In the very rare event that your coral may be dead on arrival (D.O.A.), you must contact us within 2 hours of receiving the coral, along with detailed pictures of the coral. Shipping is non refundable. Packages shipped to a hold facility must be picked up within the first 2 hours of item arrival or guarantee is void. Ships to lower 48 only minus CA.

Shipping is non refundable and potential refunds will be in the form of credit (total minus shipping) towards a future purchase. I cannot control shipping company delays.


If you receive a livestock that is DOA we require you send a message along with clear pictures of the DOA livestock within 2hrs of the shown tracking delivery time. STANDARD shipping DOES NOT have any guarantee. DOA pictures must be clear with livestock in original packaging and the way you received the package. Do not put the livestock in your tank doing so will void the warranty as we only guarantee survival during transport and have no control over your tank parameters or guarantee the survival of the livestock in your tank. Neglecting and refusing to do so will void any guarantee.

DOA policy only applies for OVERNIGHT shipping ONLY. Winter and extreme hot weather : If you live in a state affected by extreme weather and you order standard shipping we do not guarantee DOA because negligence to weather ordering.

Shipping is non refundable and potential refunds will be in the form of credit (total minus shipping) towards a future purchase. Buyers must pay shipping on DOA fulfillment. I cannot control shipping company delays.

*Buyer is responsible for shipping fees.
*You are bidding on a FRAG of the mother colony. The pictures are examples of what you will receive.
*No guarantees on color, color may differ due to your light fixtures, settings, and tank environment.
*No refund for any deaths that occurs during your acclimation/dipping process.
*Not responsible for any unwanted pests, diseases, or hitch hikers that could be introduced into the tank environment. It is good practice to dip your corals in an appropriate coral dip (formulated for corals) before introducing to your tank. However, not following coral dipping instructions can lead to significant coral stress or death. Coral dipping alone may cause your coral to take additional days before extending polyps.
*Some marine livestock are poisonous and can cause injury or death if mishandled. I am not responsible for any injury or death that may occur. (Please use appropriate protective equipment when handling all corals.)
*All purchases are shipped out the following week unless notified otherwise.
*Local Pick up is available if you live near Waterford, MI. In this case, shipping will be refunded.