Our story

It began over 35 years ago on the reefing hobby.      Prior to that, I was into freshwater African cichlids for almost 15 years (which I still love and have) .   I got a job at a pet store in the mid 90’s while in college and was in introduced to the reefing hobby.    I was instantly hooked!    Within two years, I was put in charge of the cichlids and the saltwater tanks.  To this day,  I still haven’t lost  passion for the hobby and decided years ago to  sell coral frags primarily locally at first.    Four  years I expanded into selling on eBay and Etsy and began shipping.    In that time I have shipped over 3000 coral frag‘s . Now it’s time for the next chapter in my reefing journey!   I’m turning my passion for the hobby into my dream business!    I am looking forward to earning your business !